Oak & Cypress Weddings and Events
Our Process

We love working with clients with diverse stories and backgrounds, whether a multi-cultural celebration for 400, an intimate fĂȘte for 10 or an innovative, inspirational corporate event. We love creating chic, custom elements, leaving your guests feeling that they know you better than they did before. We love working with other artists in the industry who are driven by the passion they have for their craft.

Our passion and our promise ensure your event being one-of-a-kind.

Amanda Rose, Owner and Creative Director, is a consummate hostess. A purveyor of all things lovely, she takes her design cues from the old, the new, the artful, the vintage, the natural and the modern. Amanda is a true professional who fully listens to and engages her clients and possesses a warm, healthy sense of humor.

Amanda was raised on idyllic Whidbey Island, a vibrant arts community in the Puget Sound. She went to school at the University of Washington and at an early age became involved in the arts in the Seattle area, especially modern dance and music. Living in the Pacific Northwest has nurtured her innate aesthetic and appreciation for both cultural variety and natural beauty.

Amanda is a quintessential Virgo with a natural talent for projects that require precision and detail and the perseverance to see them through to completion. While going to school to become a librarian she worked as the personal assistant to one of the Northwest's leading event designers and producers. From this invaluable education and inspired by the abundant level of creativity and energy event work requires and generates, Amanda decided to start her own wedding and event business. Since Oak & Cypress opened its doors, it has been enthusiastically and successfully embraced by passionate vendors and interested clients.

Amanda is happily married to her dreamboat of a husband and gets to enjoy the hilarious and astonishing wit of her three- year-old daughter, Etta.